Connecting with consumers has never been harder.

Standing out from the crowd has never been tougher.

Today’s consumers are bombarded with endless choices and marketing messages trying to attract their attention.

We can help your brand

We work with brands and businesses to tell your story in new and exciting ways.

Because it isn’t just enough to talk about yourself, you need to engage and build trust in order to drive loyalty.

Our immersive experiences use photo technology to connect with audiences.

We bring your brand to life through activations with impact.

Working closely with marketing and PR agencies, we deliver real results.

Lumina can create a fully immersive brand activation

Couple this with our customer insights that we can collate from all our photo experiences, Lumina is best placed to ensure your marketing strategy delivers long term.

Lumina can provide a total event solution with décor and lighting that will help set the scene and create an even stronger connection between your brand and your target audiences.

From launching products to increasing your digital presence, enhancing brand advocacy or simply re-connecting with key consumers, Lumina can deliver.

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